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Charge standard

1. above prices are excluding tax, including fuel, insurance, wages and other costs of sparring, area within the outer ring is a complimentary on-site Shuttle, with the exception of students with special requirements should not incur any other charges.
2. vehicle licence Shanghai, equipped with under braking, and accompanied driving agreement signed, borne by the company of all violations and accidents.
3. service area does not include chuansha town, Jinshan, Songjiang, Qingpu, Fengxian (except jiuting), Nanhui (except zhoupu, Cambridge area), Luo Dian Zhuan bridge and road, Minhang Shanghai Jiaotong University or outside.
4. membership is valid for 1 year, exceeding 1 year need to fill the post to be used (accompanied driving prices normally 1 year).
5. the trainees to be invoiced upon payment directed to the company's headquarters, issued by the Inland Revenue Department issued by company headquarters legal "invoice".
6. must hold a driving licence, refuse is driving students.
7.-owned student get on site and off site should be the same, such as accidents, violations by the participants to assume responsibility. Generally does not arrange own car accompanied driving at the weekend, the parking of coaches drove to borne by the participants.
8. accompany drive starting from 7 o'clock in the morning-at 9 o'clock, special time for coaches to pay overtime.
9 ... both of accompanied driving the car, and off the address required, are subject to a 20/class hours (3 hours)
10. high-speed, outer ring, Pudong airport long distance students within 3 hours more than 60 km by 4 Yuan/kilometer charge.