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Throttle brake you have to decide what is

How to avoid this from happening, online car Forum owners have to move. Owners each have their own ideas, but what is not possible, reporters find professional solutions.
should develop good driving habits
Dongfeng Nissan store manager Chen chengkun said in an interview, more brakes into the gas main is a novice, second is the situation is not very familiar with the vehicle.
has master think, a compared effective of method is, right feet must in throttle or brake Shang, as long as you of right feet not stepped on throttle has, on immediately put it put to brake Shang, Chen chengkun said, if feet has been put in brake or clutch above, especially run long-distance of when, feet will more tired, not clear himself of feet what is put in throttle of location Shang, also is brake of location Shang, addition, put in brake Shang, also will on brake tablets caused must of friction.
for some friends suggested, buy automatic cars, left-foot braking, right foot pedal, foot Division of labor, Chen chengkun view, left-foot braking, right foot on the accelerator, so make it a habit after, drive a manual transmission car will be more dangerous.
owner proposes to install a throttle pedal, so your feet are different, can avoid a false step on the accelerator and the brake? Chen chengkun says put a throttle pedal incorrectly, could induce vehicle owners every time when driving to look down at your feet on the pedals, prone to security breaches, and secondly, rebound of the same type throttle and brake are similar, that are difficult to recognize.
Chen chengkun, to better avoid false step on the accelerator and the brake, it should start from the good driving habits to cultivate and improve driving skills, don't drink and drive. Female owners do not wear high heels.