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Protection safety correct use of safety belts

Belt is the simplest and the best way to ensure that drivers life safety devices, far more than passive safety devices such as airbags, which let more habits of motorists to wear seat belts. How to adjust the belt, let it play the biggest role, little is known. 17th, the senior automotive engineer Mr Jiang briefed reporters on the seat belt adjustment and correct way to wear.
"smart" seatbelt function loss
"belt tips are installed devices for many of today's vehicles, as long as passengers not wearing seat belts, prompting device will beep continuously, and remind everyone to wear seat belts. This device cannot be closed, someone comes up with a belt with a buckle put on way to cheat. "Ginger engineer said, it was inserted in the lock on the seat belt in the back, or inserted in the co-pilot seat belt wheel lock. These are not responsible for its own security practices.
ginger engineers, we can use a simple way to check if the belt is suitable for them. First of all from the shoulder belt pulled, let it at least 2 fingers distance from the shoulder and belt must fit through the body and fastened my seat belt slots.
body correct regulation belt
"seat belt height adjustment is necessary, if too high, easy to tighten up to their necks in emergency situations, may cause unnecessary harm, if it is too low, may not be able to completely restrict the body forward, slide the shoulder can be dangerous. "Ginger engineer said. Reporters found that the vehicle seat belt in the front setting on the b-pillar, about 10 cm of the upper and lower adjustment, if you're Petite, you can adjust the position to avoid emergencies, safety belts injured neck.
ginger engineers suggested that when the seat belt is not too loose or too tight, probably with two fingers is more appropriate, ensuring safety is not too bad. Pregnancy take care not to seat belts while driving to his stomach, so is very dangerous to unborn fetuses. Often there are children under 12 years of age if the car ride, parents try to install child safety seats.
not wearing a seat belt will face traffic police penalties
in an interview with reporters, many drivers on the use of seat belts is not attention. It is understood that, in accordance with the provisions of the road traffic safety law, when driving highways or roads outside of urban expressways, the driver does not require the use of seat belts and a fine of 50 Yuan; when urban express roads, motorists not complying with the requirement to use seat belts, a fine of 50 Yuan, deducted 2 points.
in order to enhance the safety awareness of drivers, the province traffic Police Department in special rectification action carried out in the near future, focusing on treatment "three excesses of fatigue", involved State permits, drunk driving and other eight traffic violations of subjective intent, driving without a seat belt, was one of them.
traffic police will be on the road in the course of law enforcement in the near future, increase the intensity of checks on driving without a seat belt violation, found such violations will be corrected in a timely manner, and shall be punished according to law. "Punishment is not the goal, campaign aims to fundamentally alter the motorists ' safety consciousness of the status quo. "Staff of the traffic Police Department said.