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How to safely water sections

Drive how to open water in the rainy season it? How much rain you know driving skill? As a driver how to drive safely in the rainy season the water is a very practical problem, see driving in rainy season tips!
the spring comes, spring rains. Such a rainy season, are looking to safe water? In fact there are many techniques in driving during the rainy season. Whenever precipitation is too large or too concentrated, the road there will be water. So as a skilled driving personnel, safety open water during the rainy season, there is a very real problem, and now we see some driving skills during the rainy season!
(1), pay attention to water depth, engine and brakes to prevent
rain, surface water, be sure to pay attention to the depth of water, such as water depth over the exhaust pipe height, you could easily lead to a stalled cars, should be as shallow as possible routes. Car water, must note the footbrake and Handbrake, because after the flooding, braking efficiency may be reduced. If you find water depth over the entire tire is not for Wade, otherwise, the engine easily stall, cars and people will be caught in an awkward position, we recommend that you not as a detour.
(2) Note the subgrade is soft or hard, stagnant water, road conditions, check there are no dark pits and rock
during the rainstorm on or after shoulder and roadbed was rain-soaked and washed, may become loose and even collapse, and now must be careful driving, overturned, trapped car accidents can be avoided. Surface water is muddy in the rain, but if you look at may be able to judge the bottom roughly. There are sprays and whirlpool places can have large rocks and other obstacles, and surface water as more peaceful than most. So it should be from open water and more uniform breaking waves over them.
(3) should pay attention to the protection of Automotive electrical and air intake before
Wade, it is best to check in the engine compartment of all appliances, sealed package exposed electrical connection connector, you can also adjust the engine intake and exhaust ports (mainly air intake), location and height. When the car into the water to be as smooth as possible, dashed to stir up spray is easy to wet Automotive electrical and engine air intake system. So you should reduce speed and keep the engine speed at about 4000 rpm, maintaining smooth uniform speed. Meanwhile, control of the throttle, not slammed on the gas pedal, otherwise tire easily slipped easily into the water.