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Driving brake suddenly

If the vehicle is running, the brakes, the beginner should I do it? Gaoqing police brigade police, first of all is according to the direction of traffic and speed control, off top gear, and quickly went one foot empty oil, high speed will shift into low gear, this engine has a lot of traction resistance decreases the speed quickly. In addition, in low gear change at the same time, should be combined with the use of hand brakes, but pay attention to the handbrake cannot be tightened, nor too slow. If you pull it too tight, causing brake disc "lock" is likely to damage the transmission parts and loss of braking ability; if you pull too slow will lose braking brake disc wear and erosion.
If it is uphill when brakes should be reduced in due course into a lower gear, keep enough momentum heading uphill parking. Banpo parking requirements, should maintain a low gear, pull the hand brake, attendant with rocks, wood and other objects stuck in the wheels if slip after, should work towards the slopes of the car or the security side, and turn on the headlights and emergency lights, and brought to the attention of vehicle before and after.
If is in downhill Shi brake failure, cannot using vehicles itself of institutions control speed Shi, driver should decisive to using natural obstacles, as road next of rock, and tree,, to car caused resistance, if moment find not to right of terrain, and objects can using, emergency situation Xia can will body of side to mountain side closer, to friction to increased resistance, gradually to reduced speed.

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