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Downhill driving points

Due to the effects of inertia force, downhill roads more difficult to drive than the uphill road. If it is a short slope, can be used in routine driving on the basis of appropriate with reduction gear, if it is a long slope, should be dealt with as follows:
(1) reduce speed before the downhill, the vehicle at slow speed into the next ramp.
(2) downhill before changing into the appropriate gear, should choose the second or third gear. Is strictly prohibited in paragraph entered the downhill and then shift gears.
(3) in the downhill, non neutral glide must go into the appropriate gear, engine check function reduce the speed of vehicles sliding.
(4) downhill using brakes, downhill before testing the braking performance is good, if there is fault, troubleshooting after the downhill. Long way, intermittent use of the brake in order to effectively control the pace of decline in vehicle. Try to avoid using the emergency brake, to emergency braking, need to remain upright in the vehicle when braking.
(5), lighter downhill using the steering wheel, not swerve, in case of inertial force, speed, caused by the improper use of steering roll over.
(6), distance between vehicles should be kept at 50 meters. If the slope is too long, the inertial forces of the car are very large, increasing the distance.
(7) if downhill zhihou is uphill, in close slope end of Shi, will do rushed slope of prepared, timely release brake pedal, timely for into high-speed block
Security driving of four a will know of lane skills:
1. fast for block
fast for block no wrong, key is many owners with step on began for block, and more road of master more has this bad problem, think can province oil and on engine good, actually this is errors of habits. Each car has a shift speed of reference and should step on the gas the vehicle reaches a certain speed and then shift, and now universally designed with high engine speed as the reference value, shift when combined with a good low speed vehicles prone to stalling and shaking.
neutral in today's high oil prices, use of space for fuel purposes is the owner of commonly used techniques, in fact, both automatic and manual transmission vehicles, open slide will not fuel efficient, but may have serious consequences. Now cars are mostly used electronic fuel injection systems, but for security reasons, manufacturers in the slide is not considered neutral at the beginning of this situation, so there are actually vehicles in a neutral State is non-normal operation. Also exacerbate the wear of clutches, gears, so instead of saving fuel, and also to the safe driving lay hidden.
half a clutch when you first learned to drive, said most of the clutch stepped on to the end, and then slowly release. But some skilled owners think it start the time-consuming, often hung up the block, half-clutch-parking or starting time will accelerate the aging of the clutch. When half-clutch, the clutch of active and passive in a State of slight friction for a long time, will make the clutch heating, temperature will make the clutch is damaged. Will also accelerate the wear and tear on the pressure plate, release bearing and other parts.
4. bend the brake
bend deceleration is absolute safety when driving, but many car owners prefer to brake in the curve, should actually be in the turn before the brakes into the corner to step on the gas. Bend the brakes will make around brake wear is not the same, for a long time can cause shaking when braking, vehicle balance. If directional control and braking are not reasonable, and may cause an accident.