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Car repair safety hazards on their own

Many new and old drivers love to check your own vehicle, and even some car owners in cases without trained, loving yourself do for car repairs and maintenance work. But note that if done improperly, there'll be a danger.
case history:
improper repair their own anti-die
Sha Tai Road, Baiyun district, Guangzhou City, a truck driver in when I climbed into the vehicle repair, because the right hand inadvertently swept up in even the driven shaft, eventually because no timely rescue and herring. According to later examination revealed that the driver when the car didn't pay attention to safe operation. When the driver when the vehicle made two fatal mistakes: Park your car in the downhill, car repair car when there is no pull handbrake. So when the driver when the vehicle inspection, due to wheel slide and cause the axle turns up, his hand was involved.
safety advice, owners of some simple maintenance work may deal with, such as replacing wiper blades, body waxing, upholstery cleaning, body paint curing, filling the glass of water, but usually not to act too rashly for car repairs alone. Except for safety considerations, but also for the car's "healthy" shoes, maintenance should be carried out with professional equipment Assistant.
when the vehicle when there is a problem for their own maintenance, which is the need to pay attention to it?
rush to open the hood when the car start boiling
safety tips: in the summer, hot weather car easy to start boiling, in the case of auto start boiling, drivers not to check your own, as in the case of boiling, open the engine cover, tank temperature too high can easily lead to the face or other parts of the body were burned.
what to do: If engine boiling occurs, first parked on the roadside, put out the fire, the key to pull down, cover up the machine, make it the natural ventilation in the shade, and then to call until professional help arrives.
/> bad parking in Banpo maintenance Safety Tip: beginning in the case, some owners would like to park directly in Banpo location repair, and forgot to pull Handbrake, which causes a serious accident.
security action: car owners parking parking places to pay attention to the slopes, go flat without a place to Park slope. Check if the car is still hung up on the gears, pull a hand brake. If slopes were in place, the best placed obstructions prevent sudden sliding under wheels.
the road maintenance vehicles do not put warning signs
safety tips: roadside car repair is a very risky thing, traffic will present a danger to you at any time.
safety tips: roadside car repair or car broke down on the road when waiting for rescue workers, must be in the car about 50 meters to set up warning signs. If the car has no warning signs, you can look for some sticks around or mark obstacles and achieve the effect of warning rear vehicles to avoid traffic accidents. Bogey: unventilated garage running engine for a long time.
unventilated garage long running engines
safety tips: many owners start the car in the enclosed space, ignoring the impact of engine emissions. Vehicle emissions are dangerous, containing carbon monoxide, is invisible and the smell of gas, easy access by class. If a long time in a closed space or ventilation is not good, continuous inhalation of low concentrations of carbon monoxide gas, can cause headaches, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, weakness of dazzling and even brain damage and other symptoms.
safety tips: never run engine in a closed space. If you start the engine in the garage, the garage door should be open or open air exhaust devices in order to keep air out of the garage. Even in the open air, or working near the engine exhaust pipe stays for a long time.

tubing plugging suck tubing Safety Tip: gasoline not only flammable and toxic. Leaded gasoline in particular, can damage the human nervous system, digestive tract and the kidneys. In addition, also contains high concentrations of sulfur compounds in gasoline, hydrogen sulfide, a degree of toxicity. If the pipe plug, owners through pipe quickly suck, gasoline inhalation easily in the stomach, which can cause nausea and abdominal pain, and even result in poisoning or death.
safety tips: If the vehicle is on the road there is a tubing plug situation, remember not to use mouth suction, especially in leaded gasoline. In case of inhalation, push yourself to make it to the hospital for treatment after vomiting. If tubing jam problems, best to call qualified personnel for help.