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Car fuel consumption tips

A low wind resistance design of
as a general rule, high speeds, the greatest resistance from the air. And low drag coefficient models, more fuel when running at high speed. Reduce wind resistance coefficient 10%, 7% reduction in fuel consumption. Action-packed aerodynamic body, is not only an important reason for making vehicles look bold, is more scientific and effective ways of reducing wind resistance.
II, and engine of adjustable school and advanced technology of using
full aluminum material engine
used has full aluminum material of engine, can makes engine reduce quality of while speed up hot car speed, shortened has hot car time will conducive to vehicles fuel consumption of reduced; aluminum material of good thermal sex also can let engine moments keep appropriate of work temperature, to further improve has fuel-efficient of performance.
EGR exhaust gas recirculation
EGR system not only reduces emissions of pollutants, but also improve the power performance and fuel economy.
CVVT continuous variable valve are Shi system
in recent years many manufacturers of engine are has used has CVVT continuous variable valve are Shi system, it is in not change engine basic structure of premise Xia, through adjustment intake door and exhaust door and improved combustion chamber work environment, get most optimization of intake, while makes burning more full, not only improve has engine speed Xia of stability and high speed Xia of power sex, also improve has engine of economic sex.
three, and optimization of body structure and steering system
energy-saving of steering system
electronic power steering system of application, makes vehicles in speed Shi steering lightweight, high-speed Shi steering smooth, driving who in parking car or city driving, speed control Shi, without spent more of strength, will can easily should changeable of road, while, it in work Shi to motor for power components, can independent Yu engine work, almost not directly consumption engine fuel. Lightweight high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel

high strength and ultra high strength steels are widely so that vehicles can build the lightweight body structure excellent rigidity and strength, in parallel with the implementation of impenetrable security, has won the better fuel economy.

Active causes smooth acceleration, smooth deceleration
to avoid "acceleration-braking" operation, "a foot on the accelerator and a brake" will substantially increase fuel consumption.
maintain a good attitude
urgent to accelerate when driving, grab lights, traffic wear to wear to go with other vehicles compete for spaces instead of saving time, it will increase fuel consumption and accelerate the wear and tear parts; courteous driving, and keeping a "3 seconds" a safe distance. This way you can easily slow down and reduce the number of brake, is not only safe, but also more fuel-efficient.
long time avoid engine idling
now the engine does not require preheating, start the vehicle will be ready to leave; loading and unloading goods, traffic jam, waiting for a red light, is expected to stop for more than 20 seconds, you can temporarily turn off to conserve fuel.
at high speeds without the Windows wide open
when driving on the highway, "open the window and turn off air conditioning" than "turn on the air conditioning shut down Windows" more gas, because when you open the Windows of vehicles drag coefficient will increase a lot, and at highway speeds wind drag and fuel consumption is one of the biggest factors.
vehicle kinetic energy in stopping, turning, when red light ahead of releasing the accelerator pedal, making full use of the kinetic energy of the vehicle, with retaining glide, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption.
it is well known that consumes vehicle kinetic energy when braking, is usually consumed fuel won! Try to use less braking will save fuel! Is fast approaching in the corner brake stops and to start refueling the fuel consumption, must be greater than the appropriate slow close, wait for the green light just moving at constant speed fuel consumption! But it is worth noting is that in the relative level of road conditions, the "accelerated glide-space-accelerated glide-space" approach to driving, not fuel!
avoid empty block glide
many people assumed to think empty block glide must province oil, actually car in with block glide Shi, engine almost not need fuel supply; and empty block glide Shi, car of engine is in idle speed State Xia work, not only cannot reduced engine internal friction of effect, instead will for each accelerated engine of "added thick", loss off fuel economic sex. Sliding means that the car lost power and space, bringing the potential danger should not be underestimated.
insufficient tire pressure will increase the rolling friction, increases fuel consumption and accelerated tire wear. Always check tires and maintain tire pressure calibration range, this can reduce fuel consumption of 3%-4%; proper maintenance of the engine work more efficiently, saves fuel consumption; check for and adjusting wheel four wheel balance, otherwise it will increase fuel consumption.
owner's manual-recommended viscosity grades of gasoline
using most suited car engine oil recommended in the owner's manual can provide the best fuel economy.
use air conditioning
according to the owner's manual recommended timetable change cabin air filter in a timely manner, keeping smooth intake. When the temperature is higher, when best to window open, try to disperse the heat in the car, with the outside temperature and engine is running properly, and then turn on the air conditioning.
minimize the unnecessary loading
many car owners prefer to put too many things in the trunk, these unnecessary items will have great impact on fuel consumption, experiments show that each additional 20 kg weight will increase fuel consumption by 1%, so clean up unnecessary items in the car have a direct impact on reducing fuel consumption. If the vehicles are usually just a few short, we recommend refueling don't use too full, guarantee about half a tank.