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Shanghai Yi Cheng accompanied driving, Ltd, is a collection of cars, car services and accompanied driving for the professional automotive service company. Shanghai Yi Cheng
accompanying car Services Ltd has a team of professional team, vehicle performance, site layout, processes have considerable experience. Companies in the Shanghai area are distributed accompanied driving team, is currently the largest in Shanghai, Shanghai Yi Cheng accompanied driving, Shanghai accompanied driving, accompanied driving company in Shanghai, Shanghai Automotive training partner, Shanghai company Shanghai accompanied driving, driving prices, which company, and Shanghai which accompanied driving the best professional drivers accompanied driving, training institutions, with a variety of luxurious hand/automatic professional accompanied driving. All the accompanied driving is installed under braking, licence in Shanghai, students at any given time are in the urban areas, accompanying elevated safety driving courses.
Organization of specialized training courses, management of human services, Shanghai Yi Cheng accompanied driving services all of the staff has been continuing efforts, improve, create professional accompanied driving brand in Shanghai.
founded in Shanghai for a long time we have been insisting on first-class service objectives, adhere to the "innovation, scientific management, standardized services, teaching quality" management philosophy and our company has a group of experienced craftsmen, driving in more than 12 years of professional coaching for the team, to a wide range of services to our customers for business development goals, to the "integrity, win-win" business philosophy.
at present, the company's management and development trends have achieved a leading position in the peer, in the media and consumer groups have achieved higher visibility and reputation. Company was formed to establish a management model and comprehensive supporting facilities, combined with excellent management, allows us to achieve rapid and steady development.